Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Post-op, Day 5

Another good day!!! Same morning routine when the kids and hubs left- made the bed, washed the breakfast dishes, made a protein shake and then cleaned up a few quick messes around the house. It's sounds like a lot for someone who's supposed to have their foot up and elevated round the clock, but in reality it only took me about 20 minutes to do all of that. 

To throw a little transformation Tuesday here, I noticed my stomach felt flatter and less flabby today than it has recently. It's not due to working out obviously, so I have to attribute it to eating a little less than normal (1350 instead of 1500), eating minimal processed food (besides things like QuestBars) and drinking a crap ton of water each day (100+ ounces) SO anyway I took a quick belly shot as I was changing this morning (sorry for the panties!) and compared it to my January 1 pic. I was pleasantly surprised!!
There's probably about a 10 pound difference, I'll know for sure when I weigh on Friday. But i can definitely see a difference and that makes me happy :) the lighting is much better in the 2nd pic but you'll have to trust me that there really is a change ;)

(Who am I?! Posting half naked selfies 2 days in a row?! This won't continue. Promise. Modest Melissa is back. And she will keep her clothes on!)

My future sister in law came over and hung out all afternoon which made the time on the couch pass quickly. My brother did gooooood. Love her to death and she treats him better than I could
Hope for. She is a VERY welcome addition to our family!!

Dinner was a quick shrimp and snap pea stir fry over a little brown rice and about a tbsp of pesto. So good!
And then...I got to get out of the house and go to my version of Disneyland: Target!

Not being able to drive sucks. So my kind husband kindly agreed to drive me and tag along. And I got to scoot around on the electric cart. I felt slightly "special" but wouldn't have been able to walk around obviously 

Target is my happy place. 
And now I'm home, kids in bed, ready for Greek yogurt and strawberries while catching up on shows with my hubby. 


  1. Wohooo on getting out of the house!!! Awesome progress pic!!

  2. OH. MY. GOD. Your stomach looks AMAZING!!!!!

  3. You look fan-freakin'-tastic!