Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Post-op, Day 6

Tomorrow makes one week since my sesamoidectomy. I'm doing great besides being bored (hence the 5x a day posts on Instagram, run_this_weigh if you don't follow me) if you do follow me, most of these pictures you've already seen ;)

Breakfast: scrambled eggs with 2 oz ground turkey, Udis GF toast with zero calorie spray butter and fruit
After making the bed, picking up and starting a load of laundry, I retreated to my home away from home. This is my daily view from the couch
Would you believe that besides a few nighttime sitcoms (on the DVR) I have not watched any TV? I don't even turn it on!

I did get a cleaning bug an decide to sweep and mop the floors (just half the house). Mainly because my 7 year old wiped his muddy feet ALL OVER last night in attempt to "clean them off". Umm...where's the common sense kid?? Anyway, I made him clean it up last night but of course it didn't live up to my OCD standards (I did not tell him that) so I cleaned it up when he went to school. Much better. Oh, and he's grounded. Obvs.
I drank 108 ounces of water. And made hourly trips to the potty.

I found this on Pinterest and hopefully with the doctors OK next week, I'll be able to start this (modify the planks, push-ups on knees) and HOPEFULLY he'll let me start walking, even 10 minutes at a time!
Dinner: cabbage and kielbasa! Recipe on Instagram if you want it. SO yummy!!!
And I got brave and had Wayman change my bandage tonight after my shower. No fainting! Pretty dang proud of myself ;)
Yes, I have fat little feet lol. 
I didn't look at it up close this time, but Wayman said it looks about the same as Sunday. I'm not sure why that disappointed me, I guess I was expecting some miraculous healing. 

Anyway- all is well! And tomorrow is a whole lotta the same thing ;)

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  1. Go girl! You are a powerhouse!! And here's to not fainting and a speedy recovery!