Sunday, March 30, 2014

Post-op, Days 9 & 10


Sorry I didn't post last night, I kinda forgot ;)

Wayman had a volleyball tournament all day so I was stuck (literally) at home with the kids all day. It was a gorgeous day and they were full of energy. My parents must have knew I was feeling "stuck" and they drove out to see us. We took the kids to the park, went to lunch and ran a few errands
It was the longest I've walked around and I felt good, but tired.

We came home and I laid down to rest while the kids played in their room. When they came out a couple hours later, my youngest had very visible pink eye and complained his ear hurt. The complaining quickly turned into tears :(

He ate a small dinner and took some Tylenol and ended up falling asleep on te couch in the playroom. Bella was there to make him feel better :)


A little #ootd for ya
Found these shoes for a dollar on clearance!!
Today we woke up, got ready and headed straight to urgent care. I knew he needed to be seen immediately. Almost 3 hours later, we had our prescription and were off to the pharmacy. 

We also did grocery shopping at Target & Costco so I was on my phone literally all day. It felt pretty good!! I definitely tend to favor the side of my foot, instead of the heel where I'm supposed to be walking so I need to work on that. 

Once the kids were in bed I decided I need to workout. It's been 10 days. I feel jiggly, out of shape and just not my energetic self. I did a 10 minute dumbbell and body weight circuit (push-ups, sit ups, modified planks, bicep curls, shoulder presses, leg lifts, squats, tricep extensions, hammer curls) and had planned on doing it 3 times but only made it through twice. I was a bit discouraged but I know I need to build my strength and endurance back up slowly. 

That smile means I burned calories! Only 100, but better than 0. 

After I took a shower I changed my bandage and it's looking really good. I wish I could scrub the ink and dried blood off. Soon enough!! I'm very happy with the way it's healing though.

That's about it! My days are pretty boring so I'm surprised anyone wants to read!! Thanks for sticking around, I appreciate it!!!


  1. im glad you are feeling better. for some reason the stitches on your foot look so painful to me. ive never even had stitches!!