Thursday, March 27, 2014

Post-op, One Week!!!

One week!! I made it past (hopefully) the hardest part. I have an annoying cough and my back is sore from laying around, so I haven't felt that hot today. Luckily I have a pretty cute snuggle buddy.
I took my protective sandal off for a minute at lunch time and realized my
Toe and foot are starting to bruise.
Of course that led to spending the next 2
Hours on google. I read several blogs of others who had the same surgery that they also experienced this bruising (which by the way is one of the main reasons I'm documenting everything, so others looking for info can read firsthand) 
I just felt blah and kinda light-headed and dizzy when walking around so my sweet boys played all afternoon while mama layed down. I never actually went to sleep but stretching out in bed was nice. 
All week I've made it a point to get up each day, get dressed and make the bed. I lay on the couch or in the recliner, not in bed. That would just make me feel helpless and screw with my sleep cycle. 

Tonight my parents picked the boys and I up and took us down the street to Wayman's game (he coaches high school Volleyball) let me tell you- it was ALL I could do to make dinner, feed the kids and keep them out of trouble (oh the fighting. Please let it end!) and get dressed to go- I was wiped out. That's more than I've done in awhile.
I don't really have any foot pain near the incision, that feels bruised and tender but not painful. The sore part is the outside and heel, from overcompensating when I walk. After my stitches are out, and the dr finds that I'm healing as I'm supposed to, I'll have to start "re-learning" to walk. Heel to toe. Since the bone that was removed provided stability and movement of the big toe, this will be interesting. I physically can't move my big toe, my brain tells it to move, but it just doesn't. It's not numb whatsoever, but it's like non-functioning! Weirdest thing ever! Anyway, the rest of my foot hurts from bearing all the weight since I can't put any weight on the ball. 

I seriously second-guessed going toyje game but I knew he would want me there and I like being there to support him. So I sucked it up. 
I laid on my bed til the absolute last minute!

Besides having to walk across the high school campus (totes my #stopandgivemethirty...I worked up a sweat girls!!). Walking on crutches, holding a purse and trying to herd two
Little boys was no easy and it took a lot out of me. 
And now it's bedtime!!! I am going to take it super easy tomorrow cause I feel like I overdid it today. So...yay for being on Instagram and Pinterest all day tomorrow!!!

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