Friday, April 18, 2014


I know it's been awhile since I blogged- I'm sorry!!

First things first- My foot is healing great. I'm allowed to do the stationary bike for now and hopefully I'll be released to start wearing my regular shoe and walking for exercise on May 2nd (my next appointment). I'm walking/hobbling without crutches now but I still haven't gained full use of my whole foot and am unable to put full weight on the ball of my foot. Sunday will be one month post op so I'd say I'm doing well! 

If you follow me on Instagram, you most likely saw that I'm going to do the Whole30 program, beginning Monday (April 21). I have several girls who are interested in completing this with me and I'm really looking forward to exchanging recipes & whining together ;)

If you are unfamiliar with Whole30, it's a 30 day commitment to eliminating ALL added sugars (table & artificial), dairy, grains, legumes and alcohol. Your diet will consist of protein (animal, fish, eggs), vegetables, fruits, nuts and other healthy fats. Basically the Caveman or Paleo diet. Yes I'm going to miss my gum, Greek yogurt, coffee creamer and PB2. But I'm pretty sure I'll survive!

The program is designed to reset your body, rid your digestive system of toxins, boost your immune system & reduce inflammation throughout your body (inflammation is what causes headaches, stomachache, fatigue, skin issues, sleep issues, crankiness, congestion, etc). Those are just a few of the physical benefits that you're supposed to experience. The psychological changes are just as significant. Whole30 teaches you how to deal with your cravings, it fosters a healthy relationship between your brain and food & it strengthens your self control and discipline. Those are just a few benefits that I'm looking forward to, weight loss is also on my mind and will inevitably happen once I've rid my body of all the crap and start nourishing my body the right way. 

It's not an extreme diet or a fad diet. Yes it seems strict but only because we are so used to eating so many unnecessary (but delicious!) foods. I am in no way committing to eat this way for the rest of my life. I'm simply doing this to remove all the junk from my diet and attempt to alleviate my stomach issues (I suspect dairy since I've already removed gluten) and my lack of energy in the second half of the day. I also need to reset my brain to know when to STOP eating. I plan on reintroducing the eliminated food slowly after the 30 days so that I can identify how each makes my body feel. I've said adios to gluten for good (best decision ever) so that's something I definitely won't be adding back to my diet. Dairy & legumes are up in the air since I'm sure one of those is the culprit to my tummy/digestive issues.

I just finished reading "It Starts With Food" written by the creators of Whole30. I highly suggest this easy read to anyone even remotely interested, but definitely for those who plan to participate. I got so much from the book and I'm still trying to absorb it all!! If you are thinking this would be something you'd like to do, read more info on the website ( and let me know if you decide to fully commit! I'd love to follow alongside your journey as well, for motivation and support. The program is FREE. All the details and guidelines are laid out on both the website & in the book.

I'm giving myself the weekend to prepare & then I will be fully on board starting Monday morning and ending May 20. I will try and get some meal ideas posted this weekend. 

TGIF friends! ❤️

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  1. I have almost totally eliminated dairy from my diet. I mean I still eat the occasional queso, but I've noticed I feel better. Now I just need to say good-bye to the sugar...Good luck and than you for this challenge